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Episode 42 – Kickassia

It’s a packed house of internet bullies today griping about a dumb internet thing, as Andrew, Dylan, Jim, William and Zach endure the desperate Kickassia, quintessential distillation of everything amateur and strange about Channel Awesome and the web video critic generation.

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Episode 41 – Mauvais sang

Sing a song of bad blood, a pocketful of Modern Love, with Andrew, Dylan, Jim William, a veritable four and twenty blackbirds, this summary makes little cohesive sense, but hopefully in a good way like Leos Carax’s Mauvais sang.

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Episode 39 – Death Machine

Holy donuts! Killer robots on the loose? What is this, Hardware? No, it’s the only film to feature John Carpenter, Sam Raimi and Joe… Joe… Jack Dante? Well, keep your children away from garbage disposals and then listen to Josh force Andrew and William to brainstorm a bunch of great movies.

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Episode 38 – Hardware

Well, William finally got what he wanted, so here we are talking about a film with spinning robot penises, sweaty, obese perverts, and Dylan McDermott. Truly a chilling vision of the future.

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Episode 35 – Room 237

Check into the Overlook Hotel and enter Room 237, you’ll find it packed with people who’ve both thought too much and too little about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Andrew, Matt and William poke fun at massive janitors, Minotaurs and moon landings, then dump on fan theories and even make some new ones up. We fully expect our taxes to be audited next year.

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Episode 34 – Bambi

Phil Gonzales of the Deep In Bear Country podcast joins Andrew and William in a deep discussion of Disney’s Bambi, including aborted live-action productions, dropped goofy characters, ant genocides, gentle skunk Flower’s surprising career as a jarhead Marine, and readings from the disturbing original novel.

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Episode 33 – Clerks: The Animated Series

Oh my god episode is releasing, how can that be? Yes, we make a triumphant return with first-timers Zach and Phil to talk about Clerks: The Animated Series, Kevin Smith, more Kevin Smith, some Southland Tales, and play a pulse pounding game of Shorts, Jorts, or Borts?

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Episode 32 – Daredevil, Season 1

Dylan (a total Foggy) raises aloft the scales of justice as she, Andrew(also a Foggy), Matt(Foggy too) and William(we’re all Foggys) blindly forage around the in the dark for reasons to praise Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil. But which of us is the ill intent? Listen to find out!
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Episode 31 – Leviathan

Ahoy mateys! Hoist yer oars and prepare for a thrilling adventure at sea, as today’s captain William and his intrepid crew of Andrew and Dylan set out to harpoon the mythic Leviathan.

…oh, you mean it’s not a majestic sea creature, but a stunning and somewhat maddening art piece? Well shiver me timbers.
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